THOUGHTS- a short poem


Thoughts that are the result of fear,

hamper the thoughts of hopes and cheer!

Not in your hand,

Not in your control,

but tame them before they take hold!

See the positive, see the right

and everything good will

unfold before your sight!


Loving Yourself

Approval, being loved, being respected, being popular proves our worth. I may ask how? But never mind. When others like us, we like ourselves. It is an usual phenomenon which occurs with each one of us. A totally wrong perception dwelling in our heads. You need to first love yourself unconditionally, then only others can love you. No pretence required.

There are billions of hearts in this world and you think nobody will ever love you? That’s irrational! You doubt whether people around you love you? You doubt the love of your loved ones. They love you more than you think. Deep inside you know it. The one’s who actually matter love you, admire you, adore you. Make that love your strength. Rest? Doesn’t matter!

Love someone the way you want to be loved. Never let your inner security be driven by somebody else’s recognition. Your life is your perception. Why not change it for better. Everyday, when you get up in the morning, go to the mirror and repeat these six points to yourself –

1. I love myself.
2. I am an amazing person.
3. I am confident.
4. I am articulate.
5. I accept my imperfections.
6. I am in control of my reactions.

And never ever doubt yourself. Result? You will find that one person who will always love you no matter what.
Accept yourself and the world will accept you!

4 Ways to become Successful


Let me tell you this, as I am writing this article I am not yet a successful person. But I aspire to be one. I am a student but even then I consider myself somewhat successful. Why? That’s because doing a Master degree is a success for me. I consider myself fortunate. Similarly, every individual has his/her own idea of what it is to be successful. For some it is to be able to follow what they love, for others it is to earn fortunes or getting recognition or having fulfilling relationships. We all want different things from life, don’t we?

But there is one core value required to turn these aspirations into reality and that is Hardwork. Despite knowing this we keep looking for substitutes. There is no substitute for success. No shortcuts can get us there, trust me on that. Besides Hardwork I am going to tell you about four C’s which pretty much all of us are already aware of, but somehow miss on them and which are essential ingredients for being successful.


My mantra to live a happy life is to be aware of the fact that my life is a product of my choices. This is very liberating actually. To know that I am responsible makes me more responsible towards myself.
Success is not the result of a single  right choice rather it is the result of  many right choices. And the courage and wisdom required to make those right choices comes from a purpose. Knowing your purpose is the first step towards the life of your choice.


If something goes wrong we all know how our ugly side comes out- we complaint, we blame the situation or the other person or our luck. We forget that it is our life and we are in control.  Self-awareness gives us that power of control. I understand that this spiritual stuff is usually out of the comprehension of a common man but just remember this- 

we all have got the power, the force which drives us, the light which illuminates us, the energy which creates us. We do! Our bodies can be harmed or bruised but nothing can harm our being. This acknowledgement empowers us to follow what we truly love and want. We overcome our fears and that my friend is a real success!


Despite having the enthusiasm everyone tends to get distracted some time or the other in the way to one’s dreams. It is acceptable but what is  not acceptable is making that shiny distraction a goal itself. People are so caught up in this materialistic world that they have made money their religion. I am not denying its role but we should never make it our reason to live. There are a lot many important things in this world which need your attention, your energy and efforts.

Again I will say this, having a sense of purpose will serve as a tool to avoid distractions. Your determination will be enough to keep you going and all the other things will automatically take up the secondary place.


Being consistent is the most important trait for acquiring success in any field. Every human being is provided with same amount of brains and talents then what is it that makes the difference? The answer is consistency. If you start a thing, finish it. Doing a task occasionally will not provide you any results, instead it would be a mere time waster. And beneficial things don’t show results instantly, it takes time. The real test is of our patience. Maintaining our spirits through the times of doubt and being consistent definitely is the key to success.