Overwhelming Memories?


There is nothing in the world which can be compared to the smile brought to your face by a pleasant memory. It  feels just as like the breeze which blows over your face in the evening at the beginning of spring. But what if the good memories end up upsetting you? Sadden you? What if you did not want to remember it? What if it brings pain? What if the person with which it is associated is no longer there? And the constant battle you have to fight with reality and yourself. Reality seems hardest to grasp and rationalisation toughest to exercise! The past starts to hover over the present and the probability of past events comes to the fore- wish i had done this / wish i had done that etc. etc.

      It is hard, especially when it was you who had a part in past happenings. It is hard to come to terms with the past which is against your inner most wants, but which had to be exerted because it was probably the right thing to do. Abstractness of this life baffles you. There is nothing which is concrete, nothing which is absolute. Life becomes a relativity of contrasts.

       But i believe this too shall pass. I believe everything happens for good. I believe if it was meant to be mine, it would have definitely be. Living in delusions may seem to be the easiest way out, but when reality strikes it strikes hard. Better if we keep struggling every day… little by little until we reach a point where we can peacefully live with our present and satisfyingly look at our past. Until that happens keep fighting!