Bigger Question (Poem)


So caught up in this world-
So weak
I never realised.
So strong
I haven’t realised .
Grand or minute?
What is real, what is not?
Still standing where I started.
Never so afraid, never so
What is it that we don’t know?
What is it that we ought to know?
The key to live in
this chaos is with us or not?
If we are one why are we
What is truth? Is it different for
each one of us?
If perception is different then
truth must be different!
Whom to blame then?
Every individual is right!
  Yet why this chaos?
Why this fight?


Poem: Honest Dilemma



Chains everywhere
Some to protect
Some to protect from.
What is more harmful-
to face the danger
Or to live in fear?
Is death more librating
Than the prisoned life?
Those who put in chains
Should be proud or ashamed?
Are they protecting a life
Or taking back?

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