Anxiety- How to overcome it!

The word itself gives  me anxiety! I have been struggling through this for almost a year now. I obsess over negative thoughts, I feel dizzy whenever I step out of my house. Yes, it is pretty bad! But I am dealing with it and I want to share my bits of knowledge and the things which help me get over my anxiety.


You really need to learn how to breathe through your diaphragm. You can watch videos on YouTube or read about it.  Deep breathing really helps your body when you start to panic. It relaxes your tense muscles and your body gets oxygenated blood.


Whenever you feel that you are having an anxiety attack just remember that you really cannot faint during the attack. It is because when your body experiences anxiety your blood pressure rises and it’s hard for your body to faint. you faint when the oxygenated blood cannot reach your brain. In other words you need low blood pressure to actually faint . during an anxiety attack its the opposite. So this might help you next time in overcoming your anxiousness.


It all starts with some kind of fear. You have to face them otherwise you are not going to live your life to the fullest. Nobody wants that. Expose yourself little by little to your fears and try to overcome that. you need to develop mental strength otherwise it is going to affect your life adversely. Every person is strong enough to control his reality. You just need to recognize the power that lies within you. You can do this, you definitely can overcome this, I believe in you. Now its only you who have to believe in yourself.


Most of the diseases now-a-days are caused due to poor living style. We don’t have any kind of routine in our lives nor there is any kind of discipline. we live recklessly, not taking care of our bodies. Eventually our body breaks down and only then we realize the importance of health. To be healthy you have to bring discipline in your life and change bad habits. There is nothing new to tell – Exercise, do yoga, meditate, eat healthy, maintain healthy weight, drink plenty of water, cut down on soda and coffee, go to bed early, get enough sleep( sleep is very important), don’t skip breakfast in any case, read and write( writing is a therapy) and be grateful!

I really hope my words have helped you even in slightest way. I wish you all get what you want.


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